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Focusing on the behaviours that are causing the problems.

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Child Psychology for Children’s Behavioural Problems

Simon Beal is a Child & Adolescent Psychologist (Clinical) specialising in behaviour problems, parenting strategies, anxiety & stress, fears & phobias, depression, grief & loss, school issues, learning difficulties, self-esteem/ confidence, sleeping problems, & enuresis/encopresis.

Simon Beal

I am a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Child & Adolescent Mental Health with a special interest in Children’s Behaviour. I have twenty years of experience treating mild to severe behavioural issues. I see children and their families for behavioural problems, all anxiety related issues, sleeping difficulties, self-esteem & confidence, enuresis & encopresis, learning difficulties – basically any behaviours a child does that causes concern. I don’t work in a group practice – when you email me, I reply personally, and when you make an appointment, I am who you see.

I see children with and without diagnoses, such as ADD & ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Learning Difficulties, and every other disorder. I choose to focus on the behaviours that are causing problems, rather than catering to a diagnosis. Please see my Behavioural Approach page for more details.

I am also considered an Expert Witness in Family Court matters, parenting orders, and what works best for children when parents separate. I am happy to provide advice to parents in this area.

My focus is on children’s problem behaviour, regardless of a diagnosis, and most importantly, what parents can do about it. We have to prepare children for the real world. If your child’s behaviour is causing problems, it needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later. Please see my Behavioural Approach page or read my Blog, or follow our Podcast ‘Permission to Parent’. You can email me or simply book an appointment online and we can discuss everything in more detail. Telehealth is an excellent way for parents to discuss their concerns and decide on the best way to deal with their child’s challenging behaviour. See the Telehealth page for more information.

Parents need options and effective strategies when dealing with their child’s challenging behaviour. It’s time to put parents back in charge.

Common Questions

Yes. Simon is fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a College Member of the Australian Psychology Society (APS)

Simon’s entire career of over 20 years has been spent working only with children and families.

Simon is relaxed and friendly and doesn’t use complicated ‘psychology’ language, and doesn’t shy away from saying what is required. Simon dislikes political correctness, and does not find the warm fuzzy feel-good approach helpful at all.

Yes. Simon has two adult children who are both well adjusted, sensible and successful young adults. Simon is also happily married to their mum. Simon and his daughter Elly (a Behavioural Therapist for children with Autism) co-host their podcast Permission to Parent. (Please see the Blog Podcast Page.)

Yes, Simon’s approach is very different. What works for some doesn’t work for others – please see the other pages for more information.

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