Clinical Psychologist Child Behaviour Expert

Helping Parents of Children with Emotional & Behavioural Issues

Over 20 years helping children and families

As a Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, I work with all emotional & behavioural issues, anxiety & stress, fears & phobias, ‘depression’, grief & loss, school issues, learning difficulties, self-esteem/ confidence, sleeping problems, & enuresis/encopresis, Family Court Matters

But I love helping parents with their child’s behaviour problems – anger, violence, tantrums, meltdowns, defiance and backchat… If you’re a parent and you’re at your wits end, get in touch.”

Who is Simon Beal?

I am a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Child & Adolescent Mental Health with a special interest in Children’s Behaviour. I’ve worked in government agencies, alongside psychiatrists, paediatricians, psychologists and social workers. I’ve worked in private practice for over twenty years. I am also an Expert Witness in Family Court matters, parenting orders, and what works best for children when parents separate.

My new telehealth service is aimed at providing child & adolescent psychology services to all families, Australia wide.

Send me a Message HERE, I will get back to you promptly, or easily check APPOINTMENT Availability and then immediately book a convenient time online. Have your questions and concerns answered by a professional with decades of experience. Confidential advice & no long waiting lists.

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Yes. Simon is fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a College Member of the Australian Psychology Society (APS)

Simon’s entire career of over 20 years has been spent working only with children and families.

Simon is relaxed and friendly and doesn’t use complicated ‘psychology’ language, but doesn’t shy away from saying what is required.

Yes. Simon has two adult children who are both well adjusted, sensible and successful young adults. Simon is happily married to their mum, and along with his daughter Elly (a Behavioural Therapist for children with Autism) co-host their podcast Permission to Parent. (Please see the Blog Podcast Page.)

Yes, Simon’s approach is very different. If you’ve tried ‘psychologists’ before and it didn’t help, maybe it’s time to try again.

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