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Fussy Eating, Mealtime Battles. Just Eat It!

Does your household descend into a war zone at mealtimes?  Is your child becoming increasingly fussy with food? Will your child eat a certain food one night, then refuse to eat it next time? Are you having to cook three meals every night to keep everyone happy?

I have seen it all.  One of the worst was a child who only ate crumpets and Pringles, breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Then there was the 17-year-old, trying to study for Year 12, and would only eat vegemite scrolls from Baker’s Delight. I’m not kidding.  One child demanded only a certain brand of chicken nuggets, and heaven forbid if the supermarket ran out.  Mealtime battles wreak havoc in households, not to mention with your child’s health and well-being. 

Every week I talk to parents who are at their absolute wits end when it comes to feeding a fussy child.  They’ve talked to nutritionists, dieticians, OT’s, and have tried all the standard strategies, such as; including your child in the shopping/preparation of meals, letting your child have a say in the meal choice – and most recently I heard – allowing your child to play with food during the day, so as to reduce their anxiety about eating the food for dinner! Apparently if you allow your child to become friends with the food, they might give it a try!  Can you believe it, how ridiculous? Welcome to the mamby pamby school of parenting fussy children. (You can read this article here ABC News Fussy Eating in Children How To Tackle It )

Whatever happened to children just eating what’s on their plate! It worked perfectly well for me, and no, I haven’t developed bad eating habits later in life. It also worked perfectly well for my kids, and as a result, we can all go out to dinner and enjoy everything that the menu has to offer.

If you’re fed up with trying to feed your child a normal meal, and are equally fed up with the standard meal-time strategies that simply aren’t working, can I suggest you get in touch.  Talk to your doctor and get a Medicare referral, and make an appointment to see me.  There is still hope of getting your child to eat normal foods without the battle, so they don’t end up like the 17 year old with shares in Bakers Delight.  A few quick and easy telehealth sessions can set you on the right path to normal mealtimes in your family.

For more information Contact me, or book a Telehealth session now.

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