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Since COVID, all appointments are now via TeleHealth. While this can seem daunting initially, it’s surprisingly easy, it’s just as effective as face-to-face appointments, and with so many other advantages.

For example; many families living in rural locations have been able to access support without driving for hours to the city. Parents don’t have to collect children from school to take them to an appointment. Working parents have been able to schedule an appointment during a break at work. Children are much easier to manage at home, which allows the adults to easily discuss everything without children hearing it all. More flexibility has meant no waiting lists, and urgent appointments are more readily available. Available on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, all you need is the latest web browser and access to email, meaning it’s as portable as you need it to be. Parents are also able to connect from different locations, allowing both parents to be present. Appointments can also be arranged to include school staff, or others involved in your child’s care, ensuring everyone is on the same page in supporting your child. But if the idea of a videolink still freaks you out, don’t worry, a phone call is just as effective.

TeleHealth Consults are covered by Medicare and NDIS (both self-managed and plan-managed).

If you have any questions and need to get in touch please visit the Contact page.

Or to book an appointment, please visit the Appointments Page.

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