Telehealth has become an easy and great way to access support for you and your child. It’s just as effective as clinic-based appointments, but much more convenient, relaxed and easy. No rushing to get ready, fighting traffic and finding a park, and no keeping children quite in a busy waiting room.  Videocall or a phone call, whatever suits you.

Children very often don’t need face-to-face counselling to address their behavioural issues, and its often very ineffective anyway. And it’s often not right to expect children to manage it all themselves – lets face it, adults struggle to manage their emotions and behaviour sometimes, so how can we expect this from children.  Children need to be guided by adults, and parents need effective strategies to guide their children.

Providing parents and carers with comprehensive and effective strategies to change children’s behaviour and teach children how to behave is essential in addressing children’s behavioural issues. Telehealth provides this in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

The fee for an Initial Consult is $190 – this only applies to PRIVATE PAYING Patients and you will be emailed an invoice with payment details following your appointment. Patients with a Mental Health Care Plan are bulk-billed, and NDIS appointments are invoiced at the scheduled rates.

Benefits of Telehealth:

  • Convenient and Time Saving
  • More Appointment Availability
  • Less stressful for children and adults
  • Children are less likely to think something is wrong with them
  • Easier to occupy children to allow adults to discuss sensitive issues
  • Easier for both parents to attend if they wish
  • Urgent follow-up appointments within 48 hours (weekdays)
  • AUSTRALIA WIDE – Available to all with a MHCP, NDIS, Private-paying


No. Children rarely misbehave in appointments, and if they do, they are more likely to do so in the comfort of their own home. A video appointment is perfectly capable of observing children’s behaviour.

Possibly, but they also forget what they’ve been told by the time they get home. It’s much more important to have strategies that are easily implemented at home.

Talking to a child can easily lead you up the garden path – talking to a parent will usually provide a much better explanation of what’s really going on.

No. It’s much less threatening for children (and adults) compared to clinic-based appointments, and we avoid the issue of children attending a clinic and thinking there’s something wrong with them. 

Technology now makes it very easy, either a phone call or a click on the email link provided. If you’re still worried, just try it once and see how it goes; there’s nothing to loose, and this is often more preferable than waiting for months for a face-to-face appointment.

No. Medicare (MHCP referrals) require the child to be present most of the time – this is best discussed in your first appointment. It’s a good idea to have things for a child to do while the adults have a chat.

You will be emailed a Coviu Telehealth Appointment Link prior to your appointment. If you haven’t received a link, please click on the link at the top of this page to start your ‘Telehealth Appointment Now’.

Yes, whatever you prefer. Telephone calls are just as effective, and are often more relaxed and convenient than a video-call. If you would prefer a phone call, just have your phone handy at your appointment time and Simon will call you at your appointment time.

Please send an email to to cancel an appointment. (NOTE: A Cancellation Fee will be charged if 48 hours notice is not provided.)