The Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is two-fold: firstly, it’s to help parents decide whether I’m the right child psychologist for you and your family.  As with many areas of expertise, it’s not uncommon to find very different views and opinions on how to best fix a problem, and this is very much the case when it comes to Child Psychologists.  This blog hopes to give parents an understanding of what to expect when they see me for the first time, but also for those parents whom have tried ‘psychology’ before, and to let them know that not all psychologists share the same views or work in the same way. 

The second reason for this blog is to help parents navigate their way through the minefield that is modern-day parenting.  Parents are inundated with advice from ‘parenting experts’, and I am continually ‘amazed’ at the quality of some of the advice provided.  Anyone providing advice, especially in such an important area as parenting and children’s behaviour, needs to keep in mind that it is very unprofessional to provide advice that is not backed by proper research, or worse still, when research is misused to support the ‘so-called’ expert’s opinion.  And just because the advice is ‘popular’ at the time doesn’t make it good advice.  This blog is about questioning some of the advice that parents are frequently given – by taking a close look at what the research says, and by doing so, hopefully placing parents in a better position to make up their own mind as to how to parent their children. 

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