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Tired of Children Not Listening, Arguing & Backchat

Children Not Listening, Arguing, and Backchat. It’s a major issue in families and it causes major meltdowns and tantrums in children.  It turns a home into a battle zone and it’s exhausting for parents.  It’s really toxic on siblings; it causes resentment from parents – it’s even caused relationships to break-up.  

How have we reached such a low point?  In my opinion, because of the ‘Pollyanna, tree-hugging, head in the clouds parenting advice” that parents are often given, such as “we need to get down to their level, reason and explain it again and again and again, reconnect with them and nurture them through their big feelings”. We also teach children that “they’re their own boss” and “you can’t tell me what to do!’ Children come home and tell their parents “Guess what, you’re not the boss of me, I’m the boss of myself, and you can’t tell me what to do!”  Is it any wonder we’re raising a generation of children who are overly entitled and can’t be disciplined.  Children need to do as they’re told!  Parents need to be in charge, it’s the only way you can have a happy harmonious family. 

Four Keys to Reducing the Not Listening, Arguing, & Backchats

  1. Be clear in what you’re asking, don’t leave it open to interpretation – children are clever, they’ll twist your words around and this leads to more arguments.
  2. Don’t engage & don’t react – some children thrive off of challenging your authority.
  3. Consequences are key, they are a vital element of learning how to behave. The hardest thing for parents is finding the consequences that work.
  4. Consequences must be consistent – that means they also must be easy to implement – you have to be able to follow-through.

If you’re a parent at your wits end and you sometimes even wish “you never had kids“, or you’re just sick and tired of having to ask a dozen times – you’re not alone. Even if you’ve tried all the normal strategies and it still hasn’t worked, don’t worry. I talk to parents everyday who have tried it all before. Trust me, there is hope – we need to discuss everything in detail and change things to suit your circumstances. Parents need straightforward sensible and effective behavioural strategies to get children to “do as they’re told”.  Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page, or alternatively book an Appointment.  It usually only takes a few sessions to get things back on track. 

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